Winning fanbase marketing

SportsCloud helps brands, federations, rights holders and athletes to get the most out of their fanbase. With our expertise in the field of activation, content and marketing technology, we turn any unknown fan into a known fan. This fan data forms the basis of new revenue models. This is how we make sports bigger and more valuable.

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From unknown to known fan

We live in a world where fans and sports people interact in various (digital) ways. For example apps, websites, emails and social media. By mapping out all of these touch points and to link them in a Customer Data Platform, we turn an unknown fan into a known fan.

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Grow sports together

We have the privilege to combine our biggest passions on a daily basis: sports and smart marketing technology. A winning combination. After all, sports is something that touches our soul. The willingness of consumers to share data about a favorite sports, club or athlete is therefore especially great. Our team of specialists is always ready to help sports progress.

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Booking results together

In a SportsCloud project, cooperation is key. Your knowledge on how fans or sports people interact will be combined with our expertise in the field of marketing technology, content and activation. Together, we will make efforts to book the first results after a couple of months.

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SportsCloud operates from SX in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, the epicenter for sports, marketing & media. We will gladly dedicate some time and have a look together with you at how we can create more value for your organization through fanbase marketing!

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