Fanbase marketing

Together we let sport grow


Fanbase marketing is an indispensable link for modern sports organizations and for athletes. Fanbase marketing provides insight into what fans do on various channels and what they are interested in. This development is also referred to as data-driven marketing or insight-driven business. Marketing campaigns that are fed by the right fan data lead to better results. An organization that invests in this, is building a competitive position in their own sports domain.


The technology provides countless new possibilities for an organization to get to know new fans through various digital and offline touch points and makes it possible to increase involvement of existing fans. With the help of data, new market segments are built and insights are enriched. In the sports industry, fanbase marketing proves that it can create new connections between sponsors and sports organizations. Sponsors look for partnerships that can offer added value for sports fans who consume their information digitally. The sports end up in a unique position to expand the value of sponsorships.


Fanbase marketing is an accelerator for further growth for any brand, any federation, any rights holder and any athlete!