Way of working

Together we hunt for common goals


Why? Because a clear working method is essential for creating and completing a fanbase marketing process in a succesful manner. Of course, each project and each client is unique. Each project comes with specific characteristics. Yet, there are a number of fundamental steps that are key in a fanbase marketing process.


It all begins with determining the strategy and commercial goals of the organization. A business case can serve as a guidance during the continuation of the project. After the strategic frameworks have been outlined, it’s time to really get to work. In this phase, the filterset will be chosen through an interactive workshop, that determines which profile characteristics of a fan are important for an organization.


Next, SportsCloud will select and arrange a Customer Data Platform (CDP): the right place where demographic data, interests and preferences are stored on an individual level. This makes it possible to collect data from all digital channels of the organization, such as website, app and webshop, in real time. SportsCloud is able to turn an unknown fan into a known fan. Additionally other data sources within the organization that are relevant to link to the CDP will be looked at. With this, the marketing information becomes even more valuable to use immediately for relevant campaigns and better service for the fan.


In the next phase, it is time to implement the CDP in the total marketing cloud. The marketing cloud is the eco system of technologies that allows marketeers to perform, analyze and optimize creative marketing activities. This could be for example marketing tools in the field of social management, marketing automation and email marketing. Moreover, knowledge transfer and training of internal staff is key. So that organizations are also better able to work independently with data-driven marketing. In the last phase, together with the marketing team, the first marketing campaigns will be started on specific segments. Continuously analyzing results and optimizing marketing processes is hereby essential.


The ultimate goal is that the organization embraces a data-driven marketing method. The campaign specialists and digital strategic knowledge of SportsCloud are of course always ready to assist.